Every year, the constantly renewed magic of Christmas brings new touches of colour to objects, homes and people. Among these reigns without fail the most characteristic hue of all – gold, the symbol of wealth and splendour, but also of wisdom, a value we are all called on to rediscover and renew every day. And what better way can there be to enrich it than with artificial flowers? These represent a valid alternative to traditional Christmas decorations, offering all the freshness and genuine atmosphere that only a natural element can do. Realistic down to the last, perfect detail, these plastic or fabric flowers can be adapted at will, permitting full freedom to the creation of your display. Whether arranged in an elegant vase or in charming, sophisticated hangings, they are ideal for the entrance halls of luxury hotels or fine villas, enhancing that extraordinary enchantment that surrounds the Christmas period. They are also an excellent alternative for florists, who can improvise wonderful arrangements, or for interior designers, who can bring their impeccable “Golden Touch” to important festive tables.