History and location

Cartai Bassanesi SpA was first founded as Cupido & Company trademark, which at the end of the 80's became an actual company. Young and dynamic, it soon established itself in the favours sector with its elegant packaging proposals.

In 1991 it changed its name, and became Cartai Bassanesi SpA for the implementation of new ideas and projects which then took the name of TonoSUTono. The new brand – devoted to giftware and packaging - soon made its mark in many sectors such as patisserie, garden and home decoration, whereas Cupido&Company increasingly confirmed itself as a reference point for favours.

Thanks to the continuous growth of both brands, over few years both Cupido & Company and TonoSUTono became a reference point also for wholesalers all over Italy. From a small warehouse in Romano d’Ezzelino, Cartai Bassanesi found a suitable area in a commercial complex in Bassano del Grappa with size of approx. 9,000 m², where it inaugurated its first showroom in 2003.
Cartai Bassanesi took its origins from its taste for beautiful things, its ability to create collections with always different and unique tones and themes, and its desire to grow, also and above all through new challenges. For this reason, the company decided to keep its “treasures” in a “chest” of beauties - Villa De Mattia. After many years of difficult but accurate restoration work, in 2010 the new headquarters were inaugurated in this ancient building dating back to the 16th century. Now the offices and the showroom are located there.
The new headquarters boast sixteenth-century origins. In the current building it is possible to recognize the structure of the Beltramini family's representation palace dating back to before 1544, as demonstrated by the presence of a gorgeous fireplace attributed to architect-sculptor Francesco Graziolo (1468-1536), where it is possible to see the coat of arms of the above-mentioned family. This building remained their property until the end of the 19th century.

In 1892 the property was sold to Mr. Robert Browning Barret known as Pen - son of the famous English writer and poet - who was its owner until May 1910, when the building and its appendages were sold to engineer Giambattista Carraro. Afterwards, in November 1923 De Mattia - a Venetian gentleman – bought it for 193,000 liras. It was then that the actual villa restoration and enlargement work began. De Mattia commissioned to the Venetian painter Alessandro Pomi three paintings which are still in the villa today: a nativity scene, a scene of mourning for the dead Christ and an altar frontal.

On 16th March, 1942 the villa was sold to professor Filippin, who started the property re-adaptation work changing it from a dwelling to a private educational institute which remained operational until the end of the 80's. Finally, after several transfers of ownership, in December 2004 Cartai Bassanesi Spa decided to buy it to use it as its business and representation headquarters. The restoration works began at the end of 2006, and ended in March 2010. And so the gorgeous Villa De Mattia was proudly restored to its original splendour to become the new company's headquarters.