Flowers have the power to tell stories, communicate emotions and recreate so many moods, even during the coldest seasons. The new flowers proposed in this line are intended to be used with style and a hint of creativity to give your Christmas a precious touch. They are made from high quality materials that ensure exceptional durability, but above all a design that is extremely true to life. Decorate the table with cascading Hyacinthoides and alternate them with some oh so precious pearl-dotted magnolias! And don't worry about the display being on the cool side: add some golden bluebells to bring the Christmas spirit back to life. A fairy-tale inspiration also features in the scene-setting elements, such as the new artisanal vase and different-sized stands that always light up the setting with their golden touch. Use them for your compositions to create an impact in sophisticated hotel environments and highlight the splendour of the most eye-catching window displays. Fill your eyes with magic.

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