It takes very little to decorate your home with light, especially if you use the warm and soft glow of candles. Choose among these glass models to create a Christmas corner or a centrepiece for your Christmas table. The Magic Forest motif on the candle holders is opaque on the outside and glossy on the inside, creating a play of soft glows. The relaxed mood of this collection is also reflected in the other candle designs, in the stone air freshener with cloche, and in the LED lamp, all of which feature a light wood and glass insert. The warm touch of wood makes this a versatile line for use throughout winter and not only during the Christmas period. All the products come with matching packaging for the perfect gift idea. What makes this collection so special? The gift box consisting of a tray, 2 pinecones, a candle with base and a diffuser with wooden stopper. This is the perfect gift for anyone in search of objects that are not only precious but also pamper the soul.

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