A Christmas present is the best way of showing gratitude to our loved ones and make them happy. Your customers know this well, so be prepared when they walk into your store looking for the perfect packaging for their surprises. Remember, packaging is not just a “container”. It is that essential element that builds up the excitement of receiving a gift by anticipating its beauty, as it is the first thing the eye will see. To this end, our selection of gift boxes express a touch of sophisticated elegance, thanks in particular to the material used - Alcantara, a precious and expensive fabric, but above all a strong and durable one. Internally, they are lined to match the exterior, the use of solid colours offering the possibility of adapting the packaging to suit different styles, whether refined, modern or classic. Moreover, they are perfect for children as they don’t streak and therefore lend themselves to be played with. Their softness is sure to attract your customers, as will the variety of colours available: green, red, burgundy and a brand new camel colour, paired with soft, matching accessories for a touch of refined sophistication this Christmas!