Gold lies at the heart of this precious collection of objects conceived for the sugared almond buffet of an elegantly romantic wedding. Precious gold accents on metal and glass stands, bowls, jewellery boxes and mirrors are sure to enchant the wedding guests with their charming allure. Modern and functional, these items stand out for their simple geometric lines, in a perfect combination of beauty and practicality. An added plus? A new line of rigid, gold-inlaid party favour boxes with compartments to split the sugared almonds by flavour or colour. Available in 3 different sizes, to suit any display or gift requirement, and in 3 different hues - white, powder pink and powder blue - these boxes are the ideal complement for this minimalist line. Why? Because they add a touch of colour and grant a contemporary, eco-friendly character to the party favour table, for a truly first-class reception.

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