The sugared almond wedding buffet is a quintessentially Italian tradition and should be duly honoured by selecting the necessary accoutrements with the utmost care. White porcelain sweets holders, designed exclusively by Cupido&Co., play a fundamental role, with a trail of small LED hearts placed at the base lighting up to create a truly magical effect that becomes even more evocative towards evening. The LED lights are removable, which means that the products can be washed with ease. In addition to the sweets holders, the line also includes a selection of cake stands and jars - perfect wedding favours - for a totally matching banquet. The all-white and glass look gives the bride and groom full freedom in the choice of sugared almonds, the shade of which may be selected based on the prevailing wedding colour. Because today the sugared almond wedding buffet is no longer just a symbol, it is a means of impressing your guests.

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