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Cartai Bassanesi is a leading company in the distribution of fancy goods and party favours, with an offering of over 13,000 sqm products and a prestigious showroom.
Appreciated for its continuous pursuit of beauty, the company features on the market with two proprietary brands:
• Cupido&Co.: addressing the party favours and ceremony decorations sector;
• TonoSuTono: addressing the fancy goods, home décor and packaging sector.

Cartai Bassanesi Spa does not sell to private individuals. Instead, it avails of a network of agents throughout Italy to address wholesalers and retailers operating in the fields of packaging, home décor, flowers, food&beverage, party favours and fancy goods. Customers are supported by a dedicated internal office, local agents, digital ordering systems, and automated warehouses. Moreover, every year our collections are promoted through continuous magazine- and web-based communication campaigns.
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