The tropical theme is one of the latest trends in summer weddings! It usually takes shape with bright, lively colours, but we at Cupido&Co. have chosen to go against the tide with an elegantly chic alternative in white and gold, yet without giving up on the theme’s dreamy exotic mood. Any tropical wedding worthy of the name requires quintessentially exotic details. An example? Polyresin parrots for use as a centrepiece or as a decoration for a tropical corner dedicated to group selfies. These may be paired with all-white cake stands and trays, for displaying themed party favours: pineapple-shaped diffusers, place marks and package ties reminiscent of distant Caribbean lands. For a softer tropic feel, what better than the fully matching ginkgo line of bags, trays and bookmarks? In the evening, don't forget to light our golden metal lanterns and let your imagination fly to the heavenly Seychelles, to bustling Cuba, to the white beaches of Bali…the sky’s the limit!

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