The fateful moment has arrived to celebrate a coming of age. Organising a theme party is a must on special occasions of this kind, therefore it is important not to be unprepared but rather to seek out the best ideas for the set-up and party favours. Looking for a glamorously chic touch of sparkle? Cupido&Co. has the solutions for you. Place the sugared almonds in blown glass Martini goblets with gold thread decorations, and as a party favour opt for jasmine-scented candles with a golden sealing wax design on the lid. There is a white version for those who prefer subtle hues, as well as a black version for a bolder allure. Match the goblets with gold bags and tasting boxes, enriched with the latest accessories designed exclusively for 18th birthday celebrations. And in the background? Floral backdrops, a maxi wooden “18”, and neon Happy Birthday lettering: a trio that will enhance your photos and videos for the perfect posts.

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