A trotting horse taking babies on a new adventure: this is the Christening and baby shower experience for 2024. Horses are always a popular theme, and this year Cupido&Co. has taken up the trend with a new collection of pink and blue sugared almond boxes with a rocking horse design. Rigid boxes with a removable insert, a tassel and an original design, offering children a playful opportunity to discover what lies inside. We suggest filling them with sugared almonds or sweets, or with tiny gadgets of your choice for an added surprise. The ideas for use are endless: to celebrate a newborn, a themed first birthday, a baby shower or - the latest trend - a gender reveal party. You can customise these boxes with the date of the event and the name of the party boy or girl, so as to make them even more unique. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s trot!

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