Need to organise a party but don't know where to start?
Have lots of ideas but can't seem to give them shape?
Looking for someone who can help you choose the theme of your event?

This is where a specific figure comes into play, one that has become particularly sought after in recent years and who is virtually indispensable when it comes to planning parties or ceremonies: the party planner, wedding planner or event planner.

But who are these professionals?

Basically, they are people who organise every aspect of a reception, such as a private party or a corporate event: from the choice of location, to the setting, the buffet, and even the entertainment, organising everything down to the last detail with great precision, imagination and organisational skills, keeping everything under control, and taking responsibility for the success of the event or activity. As with every professional figure, they are qualified individuals who train continuously to keep up to date on the latest developments in their field.

So let's try to imagine what an event planner does and the steps to organising the perfect event:

1.     Meeting the customer and gathering information
After a first telephone consultation, it is important to meet the customer personally, to understand and try and meet their needs.

2.     Choosing the location
The choice of location is extremely important because it should not only meet the customer’s needs, but also a number of essential requirements, such as lighting, capacity, and much more besides.

3.     Creative research
After receiving the customer’s brief, the event planner carefully and meticulously researches the best themes, ideas and trends. Every aspect should be taken into consideration, and this can be done through Instagram, Pinterest, Google or any other useful source.
4.     Searching for suppliers
Any party planner needs a good team of trusty suppliers aligned with their own ideas and capable of responding to every request and handling unexpected hitches.

5.     Decorations
Nothing about the setting should be left to chance: everything, from decorations to gifts and matching sets, should be chosen carefully. This is the heart of the matter, the concrete realisation of an entire project, which, it is worth noting, is only the tip of the iceberg of a broad range of activities performed to achieve a successful end result.
The theme is important as it will dictate the mood of the entire event. Last year’s most popular themes are reflected in the Cupido&Co collections, which can be used for the event’s setting.  
Wedding 💕
Wedding 💕

For big, romantic ceremonies such as weddings, Cameo Rose is the perfect solution. In this collection, everything speaks of love - starting from the fairy-tale setting created through the use of matching metal tables, to be used either as side tables or as trays thanks to the magnets that keep them joined at the base for greater versatility. 

Wedding 🤍
Wedding 🤍

Or as a trendy alternative, we suggest a floral display of white maxi roses, perfect for decorating the location. These floral motifs can be used for the wedding table plan or for a selfie corner - and don’t forget the event hashtag! White will continue to form the backdrop of this floral wedding, with metal lanterns and cake stands adding movement and splendour to the display.

Cylinder Displays🎉
Cylinder Displays🎉

In every case, it is important to use cylinders to modulate the layout to your liking. We provide them in 3 different sizes, alongside cake stands, glass vases and small bags for the traditional sugared almonds, table displays, place marks, and party favours, to thank guests for taking part. 

Customization ✏️
Customization ✏️

The possibility of customising products is also very important. Our best customisable product? A pencil in a matching packet, on which the name of the party boy or girl and the date of the event may be inscribed.


Our items adapt to every need, making them an ease choice for party planners to meet their customers' needs.

Our catalogue has everything it takes to bring the season's trendiest party to life. All you have to do is take a look here.

...And then
...And then

6.     The actual event
After all of the above steps have been completed, the party can finally start! Remember that glitches can happen, so it is important to learn to manage every aspects of an event, for example by carefully briefing anyone who will be involved in the organisation and accurately scheduling every moment of the event. All this will ensure a successful outcome.

Never underestimate the importance of keeping up-to-date and informed on the latest industry news, so as to recommend the most appropriate solutions to your customers.