Wedding season 2018: the sugared almond buffet is a must. How can you make the design layout of your buffet impeccable? Following are all our suggestions for ensuring spectacular effects…
Did you know that even the ancient Romans had the custom of offering sugared almonds to their guests at weddings? This sweet tradition is still alive today but now comes in a completely innovative form. In fact, increasingly more space is being dedicated to the sugared almond buffet during the organization of receptions. It is a corner where sugared almonds of every kind are offered to guests in addition to the usual wedding favor given at the end of the event. It is a trend that in the last few years has become more widespread and is now a must for any self-respecting wedding. Thanking guests for their participation through a small gift is a tradition and a matter of good manners, and when presented with elegance the gift doubles in value. If it is true that every ceremony has its own style, it is equally true that there are 4 golden rules to keep in mind if you want an impeccable sugared almond buffet.
So how can you make it special?

1- First things first, use the same color that runs through the theme of your reception, coherency of the color shades is fundamental for ensuring a spectacular effect.

2- The second rule that we suggest is that of setting up more than one table in an area that is spacious and well-visible to everyone, making it easier for guests to help themselves to their sugared almond bag.

3- Use large porcelain or glass containers filled with sugared almonds in your favorite flavors. It is a nice idea to mark all the types of sweets present on the sugared almond buffet with a label or a small menu created for the occasion.

4- Choose an assortment that varies from the traditional sugared almonds to the more unusual ones such as kiwi, banana, tiramisù, pistachio and… always remember to have a spoon or scoop available!

These are some general suggestions for arranging your sweet table, but as we all know, each wedding has its own style that expresses the personality of the bridal couple. Here is a complete gallery that mirrors the types of sugared almond buffets in the style of each wedding.

Romantic Wedding Sugared Almond Buffet

For a sugared almond buffet at a romantic wedding we chose glass: the table, the cake stand and the various containers for white sugared almonds. It is all a play on transparencies: between the fragility of the glass and the delicacy of the carpet of pink hydrangea, that creates the backdrop and gives the arrangement a poetic feel.

Classic Wedding Sugared Almond Buffet

The sugared almond buffet for a classic wedding is surrounded by the timeless elegance of lace. The macramé takes center stage in precious and exquisitely crafted objects: baskets, sugared almond containers and decorations of the glasses. It encapsulates the essence of discreet, classic elegance.

Tropical Wedding Sugared Almond Buffet

Natural wood for a sugared almond buffet with a fresh, contemporary flavor. Decorations with tropical leaves combine with cotton bags, love notes and hearts in white wood. A natural arrangement with a few touches of green in true Tropical style.