Our collections are designed to create complete settings depending on the type of event, with display units featuring understated shapes that adapt with ease to any space, decorations carefully studied in terms of shape and colour, and lighting that creates harmonious effects. Whether it’s a christening, a holy communion, a graduation or a party, the goal is always the same: to find the perfect synergy between the various components of the setting. But what are the key elements ensuring its success?
Let’s see them together…

1- Backdrop
Designing a reception of any kind requires the use of essential and versatile display units that adapt with ease to the space and context. That's why our line of items for event planners, inclusive of showcases and settings, is enriched with floral arches with LED lighting, in addition to the flower-dotted curtains and chandeliers already proposed in the previous collection. The floral arches are available with roses or wisteria, with fixed lighting, and for outdoor use. This season's newest addition are the flower backdrops of roses and hydrangeas, which are ideal for creating fairy-tale settings for weddings and outdoor events. But why choose this type of product? Because it forms the back wall of the reception, creating a sense of depth by modulating the space, and providing the ideal backdrop for photographs. Available in white, pink, light blue and red, the arches may be decorated following the current trend: luminous LED and neon lettering available in various versions depending on the occasion.

2- Lighting
How important is lighting at an event? The answer is very! The right lighting arrangement can create a magical atmosphere and make the ambience even more evocative. Well-positioned points of light will transform a villa or garden into a perfect setting full of charm. Lighting can be achieved through glass gem chandeliers, waterfalls and stand-alone or hanging trees with LED lights. Depending on the type of event, the choice of colour temperature should be pondered carefully: warm and soft for a relaxing, cosy evening, cold and steady for a fun-packed do.

3- Decorative Objects
Decorative objects finally complete the scene. Accessories should obviously follow the theme of the reception and the needs of the organiser. They can be used to create personalised atmospheres and enhance corners of the event that would otherwise remain in the shade. This season, we are offering glass items combined with crystal or gold metal, offering a continuous source of a glowing play of reflections. Mirrors, bowls, trays, stands for sweets and confectioneries are the perfect choice for the sugared almond buffet table. Designed by Cupido&Co, these versatile designer items are easy to customise with personalised lettering, bright candles and fresh flowers.
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