What really makes an event unforgettable?

The new trend in this sector is increasingly embracing the concept of customisation: guests need to perceive an event as a unique and original experience, breaking away entirely from everything that is standardised and conforms to the norm.
Whatever the occasion, guests want to feel involved: the human aspect and the emotional part are in fact playing an increasingly decisive role in the success of a reception. The key words are involvement and emotions, and these are achieved when the event planner puts into practice their organisational skills and their creativity, delivering an event that has been coordinated through 360 degrees.
Whether it’s a wedding, an exclusive party, a baby shower, a christening or a Holy Communion, it all begins with designing the graphic concept for the event’s printed materials: invitations, covers for ceremony booklets, table plans, table marks, place marks, menus and thank you cards, and even the matching party favour packaging.

A graphic suite is therefore an added bonus that delivers stylistic consistency and an exclusive design for the reception.
So how do you go about devising the graphic design for an event?

The concept is down to the planner’s desires: colours, themes and communication must be in keeping with the concept of the event.
The matching stationery begins with designing the invitations, involving a few simple steps to define a colour palette, a moodboard and a combination of different fonts to choose from.
Once the project has been outlined, the next step is a proof test print on paper because the colour rendering will differ depending on the type of media chosen.

The second step is to create the location set, in other words all the paper elements guests will find on the day of the event that will accompany them throughout the day. 
These include the essentials: ceremony booklets, menus on the tables, place marks and table marks, tags for the party favours and accessory items such as guest books, flavour markers for the sugared almond buffet and internal signage. The location set will help enhance the value of the design project by creating stylistic consistency.

The stationery suite can therefore comprise all or some of these elements, but the chosen leitmotiv is vital as it will be underpinning the entire event.

The customisation trend has recently considerably influenced the entire events industry and has witnessed a rise in demand for christenings too: from the invitation to the party favour, it’s all being customised now.
Specifically, the all-Italian tradition of party favours has undergone a further evolution from its original meaning. Giving away party favours is not only a gesture of love for those who decide to share an important moment in their life, but by customising them, party favours become items that acquire an emotional value over time. The figures speak for themselves: according to estimates, 70% of ceremony attendants currently receive a party favour as a gift. This just goes to show that the sale of party favours is still a thriving and growing market. As a company, we are convinced it will always remain the star feature of ceremonies.

That’s exactly why the team here at Cupido&Co. has designed a collection of exclusive, easily customised items.
Here is a selection of products from the Teddy Bear collection dedicated to 2023 christenings.
Teddy bear place mark
Teddy bear place mark

Porcelain teddy bear place mark to be customised to suit personal tastes.
A classic and evergreen theme, combining baby pink with beige ears and paws.
A place mark is a small object that can add an original look to any party table, matched with stands and party favours from the same collection.

Pencil in a matching packet
Pencil in a matching packet

Pencil-shaped party favour with cotton teddy bear.
The matching packet allows you to write down the date of the christening and the name of the child, as well as to choose whether to create a label in the same style as the event.

Porcelain music box
Porcelain music box

The teddy bear shaped music box party favour comes with matching Cupido&Co packaging.
How about turning it into a unique gift? The name of the party child can be inscribed on the base of the music box, simply by using a quick-drying pen suitable for use on porcelain or by opting for stickers with lettering.

Teddy bear display with LED light
Teddy bear display with LED light

A display to set up the sugared almond buffet table made with a giant faux-fur teddy bear and a heart-shaped LED light. It is available in two sizes, in neutral beige.
This element has a strong scenic impact and can be customised with the addition of pink or blue ribbons, as well as specific lettering which can be created with cardboard, wire or fabric.

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