Christmas is approaching, temperatures are falling, the days are becoming shorter, the shops are starting to put together their seasonal window displays … and the inevitable question arises: how will I decorate my Christmas tree this year? After all, it is a symbol of these festivities and, traditionally, a must in any store, restaurant, hotel or home.
Very often, however, when decorating the Christmas tree, the focus is on the baubles, the tinsel, the shooting star on the tip. Inadvertently, one of the most important parts of the tree itself is forgotten or neglected: the base. Instead, this essential element should be enhanced or, if necessary, hidden to complete the tree’s magical allure. 
How often have you stepped into someone’s house and seen a beautifully decorated tree somehow spoiled by a bare base? It’s like wearing a nice dress and then going around barefoot or, worse, in slippers. Have we made our point?
There you go. So, how can we solve this problem? How can we avoid such situations?
TonoSuTono comes to your aid with a series of “pre-decorated” bases enhancing the beauty of your tree with a stylish designer touch.

Baubles are the Christmas tree decoration par excellence. While usually used to adorn its branches, in this case they conceal the base. Choose a polyresin, glittery bauble totem recommended for trees of up to 2.10 m in height, in a modern gold/white version (714) or a traditional green/red one (713). This is the ideal choice to enhance trees in every size (even mini ones), as it raises them by 60 cm! Which do you prefer?

Size: ø 445 x h 630 mm


Christmas is the perfect moment to test your creative skills. Among the many winter objects that have formed part of everyone’s childhood, the classic sleigh is a veritable must. We offer you two wooden versions: one in white and gold (23608) and another in red and gold (23607), both recommend for trees of up to 2.40 m in height. Rest the base inside one and it will look like Santa has left his sleigh parked there.

Size: 1330 x 900 x 655 mm


Here’s a real classic if you don’t know how to cover the base of your Christmas tree: what could be more festive than a gift box? A snow-topped fir will look great in the glossy polyresin version in white and gold (712), while the green and red version is the ideal choice for a more classic Christmassy feel (711). All the models all designed for indoor use and fitted with LED lighting. We recommend them for trees of up to 2.40 m in height. In this way, even after Christmas and its frenzied exchange of gifts is over, the tree will continue to look cheerful and full of presents.

Size: 460 x 550 x 550 mm

We offer many imaginative solutions that require very little effort. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even decide to change the base cover depending on the style of the tree. Très chic!
The tree bases are part of the discounted Window Display kits.

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