Take-away breakfast from your favourite bar, coffee break at the office or Sunday brunch? The brand-new Beverage line lets you choose the right take-away container for any situation. The “Espresso”, “Americano” and “Coffee Break” boxes can be easily transformed into handy trays for two to four coffees, with sugar packets and stir sticks on the side or in the appropriate spaces. The matching shopper with its coffee holder is the ideal combination for your coffee to go and for delivering breakfast to your colleagues at the office, to avoid crowding in the break room. Want another idea? Use the inner tray as a coaster to set the cup or glass on your desk. We also suggest the practical space-saving boxes from the same line for all outdoor events: Sunday brunch or picnics with friends become super easy thanks to the convenient baskets designed to carry cans and finger foods. All products are made in Italy of recyclable Havana-coloured cardboard.

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