From 5th February 2024

Cartai Bassanesi opens the TonoSuTono Christmas 2024 exhibition on February 5th. With plenty of new lines and ideas dedicated to customers who work with packaging, events and showcases, our new collection features our usual elegance and modernity, with new, exclusive lines designed by us. 
And why not take the chance to see also the new Easter, Home Decor and Decorations collections, in addition to the new Cupido&Co. line.

Book your visit in one of two ways👇🏻

1. Come to our showroom in Asolo📍
The showroom will be open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. 
We ask that you pre-register by clicking the link below, then we will contact you by phone to set the date of your visit.

2. Take advantage of our new customised virtual tour mode 📞
Click on the link below to book. We will call you to set your preferred day and time. The presentation will be live via Zoom. We will send you a link to access the Zoom call.

A reservation is required for both options, how to book it?


Discover here
Discover here

👉🏻 Click here to book your showroom visit


☎️ Call 0423 541611 or 389 8081173​

Our advice? Book your collection as soon as possible so that you have the widest choice of colors and products.

This event is for professionals only.