Are you ready to go? This year, TonoSUTono takes you on a journey to explore new atmospheres and new landscapes. You will visit exotic new and far-off lands only to discover that they’re actually not all that distant after all.
Les Couleurs de Paris
Rose et vert: these are the best-loved colors, especially to celebrate Spring. A romantic Parisienne touch will add a certain je ne sais quoi to home d├ęcors and decorations.
Safari lodge
Golden glints blend with emerald green, while tobacco tints are paired with Havana tones. These colors that pulse with life in this mood that bears us off on exotic safaris.
Island life
Lose yourself in the deep blue of the sea as you gaze toward the horizon with your feet in the soft sand. This collection’s objects and decorations evoke the enveloping atmospheres of a hot summer day on an island beach far, far away.