What is the key word for Summer 2022 decorations?

Colours galore! The new tropical fruit head-shaped vases are inspired by the famous Caspò Heads, the most characteristic decorative elements of Sicily's tradition.
Originally made of ceramic, these vases are used as ornaments that can be admired when strolling along the Italian island’s streets.
They are inspired by a famous legend that depicts the face of a Moor and that of a pretty young woman.
Full of colour and finished with the utmost care, these objects hold within them all the history and folklore of Sicily.
Appreciated for their powerful symbolic meanings, they have become arrangement centrepieces for events, showcases, themed parties and décor for the 2022 season.

For the “Tropical fruit display” family of the TonoSUTono collection, we recommend resin vases depicting the face of a woman with a tropical fruit headdress. Each one of these creations can be used either on its own or filled with fresh or artificial flowers or plants and paired with a series of coordinated items to create a complete all-around decorative design.

Decoration or summer table setting?

To transform simple decoration into wonderful summer table setting we recommend adding colourful melamine tableware. Plates, cups and bowls in vitaminic colours and simple shapes transform your table into a feast for celebrating the warm season. The tableware set is made of melamine, an unbreakable material particularly suited for outdoor use thanks to its excellent shatter- and scratch-resistant features. Unlike ceramic or porcelain dishes, if a melamine plate falls on a hard surface it will not break and is dishwasher safe.
A perfect combination of head-shaped vases and melamine tableware that will conjure up tropical moods, thanks to the bright colours and all the fruity delights.

Discover all the details of the 2022 collection👇🏼

The tropical fruit head-shaped vase is made of resin and is available in two sizes: 
270x246x290 mm or 230x212x370 mm. It can be used on its own or filled with fresh or artificial flowers or plants. It can also be paired with smaller vases shaped like tropical fruits to set the perfect summer mood.


The yellow peaches and green leaves complement each other in a collection that is perfect for those who love the warm colours of the summer season.
The complete coordinated set includes 6 plates, 6 side plates and 6 bowls.