Distinctive designer candles are just what you need to give your rooms an even more welcoming, romantic and well looked after appearance. Details make all the difference, and these candles are more detailed than ever. The prerogative of designer candles is to be striking and of exceptional quality, and those in this line are the utmost manifestation of this principle. Whether shaped like a woman's face or featuring geometric lines, the carefully studied candle light design makes them essential home accessories. Even if you don’t see the point of lighting candles, you can still enjoy them as decorations embellishing any surface or corner of your home. Once again, the Tuttifrutti palette steals the show, with colours such as black cherry and apricot becoming the new trend for the coming season. These pastel shades combine perfectly with and lighten the mood of young, minimalist styles, creating aromatic and visual symphonies that resonate throughout the store and home. The result? Heady and charming.

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