All the magic of a balloon flight wrapped up in a collection of delightful objects dedicated to the baby girls and boys born in this year. Large colourful balloons that float among the clouds, suspended in air while the world seen from above looks like countless tiny specks. This is how the thrill of flying transforms into a selection of lovely porcelain favours in the shape of balloons, ideal for celebrating a joyous event, like the birth of a baby. Perfume diffusers, place cards, magnets and pencils together with small satin bags used to contain sugared almonds… and feather-light tabletop or hanging paper balloons for decorating the sugared almond table, giving the sensation of floating free in the sky of life. Want another idea? The set of 3 polystyrene cylinders with coordinated graphics makes for ideal decoration stands, with the added advantage of being stackable for easy storage.


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