For a more contemporary fable, your prince will not come riding on a white horse but on a scooter or a three-wheel van (but still white!). Accented with sleek gold details, this is the idea we wish to create with this vintage theme, where these lifelike vehicles will embark upon a journey to their one and only destination: 2022 weddings! You can complement them with baby's breath or white rose compositions, symbolising the hope that we can all get back to celebrating as quickly as possible. The three-wheel van can be transformed into a charming Love Bar, where you can arrange a wide variety of sugared almonds to offer your guests. And what about a touch of soft lighting for the romantic evening? Leave that to the white and gold lanterns, or to the glass candle-holders trimmed with macramé lace. So, BROOM BROOM, the motors are revved up and ready for you to dream with open eyes and take off on blissful journeys!

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