Although Christmas is still a few months away, we don't want you to be unprepared, so we’re recommending two trees that will be the hottest items this holiday season.
While trends are constantly evolving, many of us still love the classic green fir tree. The “St Moritz” version is an ecological tree for indoor use that rises up to 3 meters tall with convenient umbrella opening for super easy assembly. 
The attention to detail, starting with its branches made with PVC and PE tips, makes it a luxury article with an extraordinary tactile effect. The enchantment of warm white micro-LEDs with eight functions, complete this tree, making it perfect for events, windows or for the home. Customize it at will. While we propose it with classic red Christmas decorations, it can also be left in its basic version enhanced only by the sparkle of its warm lights that create a truly enchanting atmosphere.
An excellent solution for people with children in the home or for those with little space, is the hanging pine chandelier to decorate higher spaces. For the little ones, we suggest decorating it with traditional Christmas subjects to help them enjoy the magic of the holidays.
The "Courmayeur" model is an extremely versatile article that can be used for events, themed parties and corporate dinners. Just picture it lit up on a table. Beautiful, isn't it? Which model do you prefer?

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