America, here we come! If your customers like to “think out of the box” when it comes to Christmas decorations, this is the mood for you. Bright colours and eccentric designs alternate to create unusual combinations, for a different Christmas with a slightly American allure. Curious objects right out of an amusement park, like candy floss machines and mini sweet or popcorn dispensers, offer themselves up as designer alternatives to the typical Christmas clichés. Looking for a new idea? In addition to being used as tree decorations, these items also lend themselves to becoming fun furnishings in the kids’ room. Even the most classical Christmas symbols shy away from tradition, with rocking horses featuring polka dots, stars and stripes, stockings sporting bright colours, and toy soldiers donning a sprinkling of pink glitter. Not to mention Santa Claus, who is clad in deliciously soft fur. Particularly interesting is the bold combination of pink and red, repeated throughout the collection in a nod to the latest fashion trends. The packaging designed for these decorations is in monochrome colours, almost to tone down the mood – except for the garish polka dot ribbons, which echo the collection’s pop appeal.

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