A Christmas style reinterpretation of the pastry world - this is the idea behind these “glazed” decorations. The ideal solution for shop windows offering an alternative Christmas setting that is sure to tug at your customers’ heart! Positioned together, these figurines recreate a small Christmas village whose houses are made of gingerbread and sugar icing, and whose inhabitants are dressed in pastel shades ranging from mint green to cream white and candy pink. There are those busy making cakes, others decorating Christmas trees, and damsels in fluttering dresses buying gifts…and when night falls? LED lights switch on, for an even more “sugar-coated” world. Some of the figurines don soft-touch clothing, such as the damsels’ woollen caps and furs. But the true Christmas cheer comes from the white snow covering the winter landscape and the golden stand-alone pine trees. These articles are the perfect gift idea for your customers: adults will like them for their originality and meticulous attention to detail; children will love them for their joyfulness and creativity. In short? A true explosion of cuteness!

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