Where will Christmas 2021 be held? In a far-off and timeless enchanted forest, where natural, woodland elements transform into modern and essential objects of design, to be used in the shop window and at home in fascinating natural settings. Flocked-effect golden mushrooms, ceramic acorns and golden polyresin walnuts enrich the atmosphere with their scenic presence. Given their meticulous attention to detail, they can also be used alone, without the need for further embellishments. The crumpled gold leaf, for example, can be used as a sweet holder, its moon-like shape adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise bare corner. Offer these items to your customers as furnishings for the Christmas period and beyond: the wintry combination of gold and green - the collection’s most recurrent colours - are the ideal choice for the entire pre-holiday period. As to the golden feathers, these are inspired by the roaring ’20s. A magical piece of advice? Hang them alongside the loops and the green and gold baubles – together, these simple decorations will deliver a truly sophisticated result.

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